Corporate Introduction

Uniflex Marketing was founded by Yaz Satomi, in 1986 and has specialized in the marketing of (especially fast moving) consumer products such as foods, cosmetics, household products and more. Among all, Uniflex is now concentrated on providing marketing services to U.S. based agricultural promotional organizations and food companies in their effort to develop and expand the Japanese market. Uniflex' current clients include such USDA/FAS cooperators as The California Dried Plum Board (for 30 years),The U.S. Potato Board (for 17 years) , The California Walnut Commission (for 13 years). In representing the above marketing organizations, Uniflex has been able to demonstrate its creative, practical, and cost effective marketing services with exceptional success in each industry/trade/product field. The core elements of such success lies in the outstanding ability of Uniflex to develop strong marketing strategies based on the research and analysis as well as the implementation of practical and reliable marketing activities.

In the market today it is virtually impossible to separate food safety crisis management from food and beverage marketing. Since Uniflex was founded, it has been faced with handling food safety issues dealing with post harvest chemicals, GMO's and food additives, GOJ's positive list rule etc. Uniflex also has been dealing with various trade policies related issues to liberalize Japan market for the clients. Uniflex strength lies in the fields of market access and food safety crisis management as well.

All staff members at Uniflex are able to communicate in English and are well educated and trained to provide its clients with not only satisfactory, but also more than expected services. Unlike many other agencies of its kind, Uniflex is extremely cautious to seek new accounts because the company finds it of utmost importance and of greatest pleasure to grow the business of existing clients first and foremost. As a result, Uniflex' program budgets grow annually as the market and the sales grow despite the severe economic recession, deflation and unfavorable currency exchange situation over the last ten years or more. Uniflex is very proud of the fact that it has always done its best to maintain and raise the quality of service provided to each individual client.

About Economy/Marketing Environment

No one can neglect current world financial crisis when they think about future of business. The credit crisis originated in US gave enormous impact to world economy and Japan is not an exception at all. On the stage of such paradigm shift, historical or traditional method or common sense often do not work. On the other hand, it could be an excellent opportunity for products and companies that were not well accepted by market due to established common sense or sense of value in many aspects.

We have to deeply take current marketing environment into consideration. In other words, consumers' life style and purchasing behaviors are dramatically changing now. When disposal income declines, foods and beverages are the first goods to save expenditures in Japan.

We have to conceive how to survive in this unprecedented paradigm shift and how to expand business.

Services Uniflex can provide include

  1. Marketing Coordination and Representation Services
  2. Marketing Consultation and Planning Services
    • Market research planning
    • Strategic marketing planning
    • New product/service development planning
    • Distribution channel development planning
    • Retail merchandising method planning
    • Foodservice merchandising method planning
    • Creative artwork planning
    • Advertising planning
    • Sales promotion planning
    • Public relations planning
    • Trade/market access policy planning
    • Food safety crisis management planning
    • Others
  3. Actual Implementation of the above plans

Profile of Yaz Satomi, Founder

Yaz Satomi, over 30 years of experience in marketing foods, beverages, household products, cosmetics, automobiles, home electric appliances, internet service providers and publishing services as well as in consulting major national supermarket and convenience store chains.

  • Generic Marketing Program as a local staff of California Cling Peach Advisory Board at that time (concurrently served as Marketing Manager for the following organizations during the below period)
    California Cling Peach Advisory Board / Marketing Manager
    Florida Department of Citrus / ditto
    Northwest Cherry Growers Commission / ditto
    California Avocado Commission / ditto
    National Sunflower Association / ditto
  • Generic USDA related marketing at Uniflex Marketing, Inc.
    August, 1986
    Foundation of Uniflex Marketing, Inc.
    California Dried Plum Board / Japan Representative
    Texas Produce Export Association / ditto
    Western United States Agricultural Trade Association
    (WUSATA) / ditto
    California Honeydew Melon Program / ditto
    National Dairy Board (latter US Dairy Export Council) / ditto
    California Strawberry Commission / ditto
    California Cling Peach Advisory Board / ditto
    1997- 2010
    USA Rice Federation / ditto
    (with this event of involvement in very political food (rice) in 1997, Uniflex withdrew from all domestic and other foreign accounts and concentrated on the USA accounts)
    2000- present
    US Potato Board / ditto
    2004- present
    California Walnut Commission / ditto
    Buy California Marketing Agreement / ditto
    California Tomato Farmers / ditto
  • Private Sector Marketing (through 1997)
    a) Food and Beverage Clients
    - Coca-Cola Japan (Coca-Cola)
    - Dole Japan (All kinds of produce)
    - Sanyo Foods (Spanish olive oils and US olives, pickles)
    - Grimmway Farms Carrot (US packed baby carrots)

    b) Non Food Clients
    - Tokuyama (Demoisturizer / Toiletry goods)
    - BMW Japan (German automobile)
    - BRAUN Japan (German home electric appliance/shaver)
    - California Colors and New York Pro Make-Up (US cosmetics)
    - Saran Wrap (Cooking ware and other house cleaning wares)
    - ASCII (Computer and internet company)
    - Wine and Spirits (NY based wine magazine publisher)
    - Lawson convenience stores (2nd largest owned by the largest retailer
      Daiei at that time)
    - Seiyu supermarket chain (3rd largest at that time, now owned by US
    - Daikuma discount store chain (The largest owned by 2nd largest
      retailer Ito-Yokado at that time)

Japan Representative Office

California Prune Board
California Walnut Commission
United States Potato Board